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I’ve been asked a number of times what blogs I follow. Today I’d like to share my reading list with you. These are the sites I currently read that keep me well-informed and entertained.

AutoBlog: A great source for news about brand-new cars. I enjoy reading the news and checking out their videos.

HackADay: Reading about people’s awesome homebrew and DIY projects is a great source of inspiration and ideas. I love learning about things which are modified or used in ways they were never intended.

SlickDeals: This site is a good source for finding special prices on electronic gadgets and other time-sensitive offers.

MakeMagazine: The Make Blog showcases cool hacks and DIY projects.

GetRichSlowly: This blog covers a wide range of personal finance topics and is loaded with great advice on managing your money wisely.

ExploreNorth: This blog from an Alaska resident features loads of great photos and travel stores that I find highly engaging.

BlogMaverick: Billionaire entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shares his thoughts about business, politics, and technology. It’s neat to be able to listen to his ideas directly.

McSweeney’s: This online publishing house is your source for dry, sarcastic, ironic humor. Posts are usually related to current events in a satirical manner.

Badass of the Week: The posts on this site are so bone-crushingly, face-smashingly awesome that they might implode due to their own badassery. Covers amazing true stories of historical and modern-day figures with decidedly badass prose.

Damn Interesting: The name says it all. This site publishes intelligent, descriptive, and exhaustively-researched stories about historical events and other topics which are typically lost to history.

Reddit: The granddaddy of all Internet time wasters, I’ve been lurking here for years. My favorite thing is reading the Ask Me Anything (AMA) or Ask Me Almost Anything (AMAA) threads, especially from celebrities.

Rogue Columnist: This brilliant writer and author has a wonderful series of posts called Phoenix 101 that chronicles the issues facing the City of Phoenix as well as a unique perspective into the city’s history.

MadeHow: This site is the written equivalent of Modern Marvels or How It’s Made. Read all about the origins behind everyday objects and how they came to be.

Generation: High Output: This automotive blog covers a wide variety of topics from imports and domestics to modern supercars and more!

Dark Roasted Blend: This site is a gold mine of amazing videos, fascinating articles, and fantastic photo collections that you just won’t find anywhere else. A self-proclaimed “publication of weird and wonderful things,” this site is great for browsing while enjoying your morning coffee or breakfast.

Wooster Collective: This blog showcases street art from around the world. It features thought-provoking artwork and cool videos.

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Trevor Freeman is a writer, photographer, and maker who loves learning new things. His favorite food is pizza. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Grand Canyon University. He lives and works in Phoenix.

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