8 Examples of Similar Corporate Logos

I am not a graphic designer, but I do pay attention to things like logos, colors, and designs that catch my eye. I’ve noticed a number of corporate logos that look very similar to each other. Here are 8 examples of logos that look alike to me:

8). Nero SmartStart and The Offspring


Nero is a computer program for burning CD and DVD discs, while The Offspring is a punk rock band from California. Still, I can’t help but think of them both when I see their logos.

7). Tom’s of Maine and Abe’s of Maine

Tom’s of Maine is famous for their natural health care products, while Abe’s of Maine is a mail-order outfit that offers electronics and photography equipment. While their logos aren’t all that similar, their unusual names sure are!

6). Cisco WebEx, SubHub, and SEOBook

These three Internet companies must have read the same article about using blue and green in your corporate logo.

5). PaceSetter and Ferrari

PaceSetter makes automotive performance parts such as exhaust manifolds and mufflers for high-end supercars. Ferrari makes high performance automobiles for racing and street use. Besides cars, they also share a common love of horses as well!

4). PetSmart and GoSmart

The choice of colors and the prominent use of a ball makes for two very similar corporate logos for two different companies.

3). Motorola and Marmot

One is a maker of computer chips and semiconductors, the other specializes in outdoor apparel. Their logos bear more than a passing resemblance!

2). Super Talent, MA Labs, and Wal-Mart

These two electronics companies have taken some cues from the world’s largest retailer with their use of blue capital letters and five-pointed stars in their logos.

1). Conoco and Nintendo

Conoco is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores while Nintendo is one of the world’s most beloved video game companies. Their logos are almost identical aside from the font difference.

What are some other corporate logos that you can think of which look alike? Share your thoughts by posting a comment below!

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