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For over ten years, I have maintained the website Trevorland as my personal homepage. The site began as a simple homepage which I created during my free time in my Computer Applications class in junior high. It was hosted on AngelFire, which at the time offered a generous 2MB of free web space (later upgraded to 5MB!). It was exciting to learn HTML and to create web pages just the way I wanted them.

Over time, my HTML skills improved and my site became more advanced. I learned about tables and frames in order to have more control over the site’s appearance. It wasn’t long before I outgrew my free webspace and decided to pay for hosting. Between then and now, my site has undergone seven major redesigns – all of which featured hand-coded HTML.

Then in 2003, big things began to happen on the Internet. First, Google acquired a little-known company called Pyra Labs and rebranded it “Blogger.” Then WordPress launched, and suddenly anyone with little or no coding experience could create a “web log” or “blog” of their interests!

The blogging craze caught on like wildfire, with many traditional media outlets claiming that this was the biggest invention since the printing press. Suddenly, everyone had a blog, but as it turned out, few had anything interesting to say.

For years, I chose to stick with my plain vanilla HTML-coded site instead of making the jump to a flashy blogging platform. I continued to refine the layout and focused on adding great pictures and stories, while keeping up with the latest trends in web design. Eventually, I ditched the tables and created a completely CSS-based layout that loads quickly and works in all major browsers.

Then in 2007, the company I work for started a blog and put me at the helm. Four years later, the company blog has grown to over 500 posts and over 250,000 words of original content. The site receives 6,000 to 8,000 visitors per month, and it has helped tremendously in improving the company’s rankings with the major search engines.

In 2008, I started the North Phoenix Blog as a hobby with the intent of reporting on hyper-local events that were unlikely to be covered in the mainstream media. That site has over 140 posts and although it has not exploded in popularity (or ad revenue), it has seen steady growth and I enjoy writing about the subject matter.

Now in 2012, I have decided to add a blog to my personal site in order to share more of my everyday experiences and projects with the world. The primary topics will be things that interest me such as cars, computers, finance, photography, technology, and more.

Please bear with me as I get some of the CSS bugs worked out of the template, and be sure to check back soon for more informative and entertaining posts!

Thanks for reading!

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Trevor Freeman

Trevor Freeman is a writer, photographer, and maker who loves learning new things. His favorite food is pizza. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Grand Canyon University. He lives and works in Phoenix.

You can follow Trevor on Twitter @TrevorFreemanAZ, on Instagram at @arizona.dreamin, and on YouTube: TheRealTrevorland.

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