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Archived news and site updates from the year 2001.

[12/28/01] Wow, I haven’t updated in a long time. I am almost done with the new Trevorland Browser!! It’s a web-based web browser that is almost ready for launch. It’s been almost a year since my new Trevorland layout (you may remember that I re-launched on January 1, 2001), and I am getting tired of the current layout. I want to change the colors, change the content, change a whole lot of things. Trevor Freeman Productions has been seeing some pretty big updates lately; I’ve been spending a lot of time on that. I don’t know what to do with Trevorland. But I tell you this: there will be change in the not-too-distant future.

[12/06/01] I have decided that I am unhappy with Trevorland. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great site, but I am dissatisfied. It’s too big, too powerful. I don’t feel like it is about me anymore! I don’t know how I wanna change things yet. The FREeMAIL will probably be one of the first things to go. To you people who use Trevorland FREeMAIL as your primary email source, (you poor, deluded people…) I suggest you open up a new box elsewhere. One of my favorites is LoadMail. I don’t know how much longer it will be around. And the site search! What was I thinking?! There is nothing to search for!! I want to shift the balance of power to be shifted to Trevor Freeman Productions, and for all the other sites to be branches on the proverbial tree. I just…don’t know what to do yet. I’ve been hard at work developing this new Trevorland Browser, it’s pretty darn cool, but ultimately pointless, when you think about it. I’m having trouble getting the whole thing to fit into a frameset, things just don’t work right. Perhaps the internet isn’t ready for what I have to show yet. Maybe you’ll see it someday, but until then, I’ma go do something else now.

[11/22/01] Happy Thanksgiving!!

[11/05/01] Updated site sponsors, removed search boxes that no longer worked. Also plans for new cool *******-**-*-******* technology coming soon. I also changed Trevor Freeman Productions a little tiny bit, and I am gonna get rid of Jennifer Lopez soon. When I’m feeling better.

[11/04/01] My birthday sucked. Don’t ask. Anyway, I happened to find the template for what Trevorland used to look like. Here it is. Don’t complain, I know it sucks, but it is funny compared to the new one. I am also thinking about closing my Jennifer Lopez site since she’s just too popular and I can’t keep up with it. I have also begun to dream of a host other than Angelfire. I dream of a second computer at my house, a nice 1.5 GHz Pentium III with two 160 GB ATA-100 hard drives and a zillion megs of RAM and a T3 line to share amongst them, and hosting Trevorland courtesy of the good folks at Apache. Someday…

[10/29/01] Wow! The first updates in what seems like forever! I took JS Flanker out of the arcade cuz the darned thing didn’t work. I also added Tic Tac Toe (spare me your comments, its funny). I will also do some other stuff, I dunno what yet. Tomorrow is my 16th birthday! YAY!

[10/22/01] Nothing is new. I am bored, I don’t know what to do today. Only 8 days left until my 16th birthday! Yay! Hopefully I’m getting a cable modem or some other form of high-speed internet. We will see. Until then, I think I’m gonna do something with Krissy’s site.

[10/08/01] Today is the third anniversary of Trevorland! According to one of my affiliate programs, I signed up for my account on this day in 1998. I know I did not open my account the same day as my Angelfire account, Angelfire was way before but they are still close. Happy third anniversary to me!

[09/11/01] Enough said.

[09/03/01] I am thinking about making a Dreamcast cover site. I love my Dreamcast and a good banner-free cover site is something I think I’d like to contribute to the internet. But I don’t know yet, I have some work to do on my other sites first.

[09/01/01] Ok, school is back in and I wanna start updating my site more. I have done nothing with it all year and now I will probably change some things, but I don’t yet know what I wanna do. I’ll think of something, though. I just hope I remember all the HTML and CSS and touches of JavaScript and DHTML that I was working with before, or else I’ll be in big trouble. Ok, well, thats all for now!

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