How I Traveled in 2019

Recently, I came across a graphic from AMTRAK, the national rail passenger service in the United States. Their graphic compares the environmental impact of different modes of transportation including bus, car, commuter rail, and air travel.

I really liked their graphic, and it inspired me to make a similar one of my own. But instead of showing environmental impact, mine would simply show how many miles I traveled that year on each different type of transportation.

I was fortunate to be able to do a lot of traveling in 2019. I keep meticulous maintenance records for my car and I track my bike rides using my phone, so figuring out the mileage for those two was easy. I took a long-distance train trip from Arizona to Massachusetts and back, and Amtrak’s website publishes the mileage between cities on the route map. That’s where the 5,212 miles comes from – none of that was from commuter rail. Finally, I used Google to calculate the air mileage between cities that I traveled to, making sure to include the return trip mileage as well.

Without further ado, here is the graphic I made of how I traveled in 2019:


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