Death Cab For Cutie Concert Review

Having been to the Marquee Theatre once before, I was eager to go again when I heard Death Cab For Cutie was playing there on November 8th, 2005. I waited too long to get my ticket online and they sold out! Luckily I had a good friend pick me up one from Zia Records.

We met up at the show and got inside. The opening band “Stars” was still on stage when I got there. They must have been delayed in setting up or something, because they were still on at 8pm when Death Cab was supposed to come on.

Well after a good long wait, the headline act came out on stage just before 9pm. The place was packed full of high-school age girls, it was a sea of emo glasses and messenger bags. You should’ve heard the screams when they opened with a track from the new album. Things were going well so far.

They played a few more songs from the older albums, and then a few more. Here I am standing in the audience trying to get a decent picture and they are not even facing the crowd! The lead singer is too far away to even show up, and the rest of the band is just playing their instruments and completely focused on the music. There was some energy going on, but not as much as I had expected.

They mostly played songs from Transatlanticism and the other releases, with only 4 or 5 songs from the new CD. They finished up at 10pm and nobody was ready to leave this early.

The crowd shouted and hollered and got Ben Gibbard back out on stage for one more song. Then the rest of the band came back out and we got three more songs! And then Stars came out on stage for the end of the last one (which explains the chick on stage in the last picture I got).

It was a good show, but I was a little disappointed in the setlist and the organization of the show. Overall I liked it, but there was definitely room to improve on the next show.

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