Weird Arizona

Your travel guide to Arizona’s local legends and best kept secrets

weird-arizona-2007“Weird Arizona” is certainly one of the best books ever written about Arizona. This comprehensive book is filled with stories about Arizona history and lore. It covers everything from legends and tall tales to some very weird places and roadside attractions. There are also dozens of great photos to look at on over 240 pages.

Weird Arizona is the latest release in the “Weird US” series of books by Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman. Featuring the work of Wesley Treat (of Weird Texas fame), Weird Arizona also features original photographs and tales of adventure from contributor Trevor Freeman.

Featured stories include:

  • Ghost of Acadia Ranch
  • Dreamy Draw Dam UFO Crash Site
  • Vulture Mine of Wickenburg
  • Black Canyon Greyhound Park
  • The Domes of Casa Grande

It’s all of the wacky, abandoned, haunted, famous, and off-the-map places you want to know about that Rand McNally left out. It’s Weird Arizona, and it’s in stores now!

Order your copy of Weird Arizona from or from Barnes and Noble booksellers today! The ISBN number is: 9781402739385.