Project Writeups

One of the great pleasures of my life is building, making, modifying, and fixing things. This section contains photos and writeups of the various projects I have done.

DIY Computer Cathode Light How To Build A Storage Shed Weekend Projects BMX Bike Project


 » Rebuilding a Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor December 2012 NEW!
   Written exclusively for

 » The History of My Computers October 2010
   The illustrated history of my computer projects

 » Weekend Projects November 2009
   A showcase of my wacky weekend projects

 » Astrophotography with the Meade ETX-90 October 2009
   Photographing the night sky is just as hard as it sounds

 » Taurus SHO Project October 2008
   Written exclusively for

 » DIY Computer Cathode Light Project September 2008
   Green meets beige in this quick and cheap mod

 » How To Build a Storage Shed December 2007
   How I put together my own backyard storage shed

 » The Story of My 1995 Cavalier November 2007
   A history of repairs and upgrades to my daily driver

 » How To Build A Quiet PC August 2007
   My fast and quiet desktop computer

 » Building a Bookshelf December 2006
   A unique Christmas gift built by hand

 » DIY PVC Light Stand July 2006
   My portable, lightweight lighting rig

 » BMX Bike Project May 2006
   How I put together a custom BMX cruiser on a budget

 » DIY Computer Case Window June 2005
   A homemade window gives a new perspective to the beige box