Web Links

This page features some of my favorite sites on the web. They include sites I visit regularly and sites that I would highly recommend to others.

Giant Saguaro Cactus

Friends' Websites

 » Heather Kant - Freelance graphic design services at affordable rates!
 » Sauce Policy - Chronicles the adventures of a group of friends.

Arizona Websites and Resources

 » Arizona Roads - Information on every major road in the State of Arizona.
 » Around Arizona - A fantastic resource of Arizona culture and attractions.
 » Ghost Towns of Arizona - Arizona ghost towns and mining camps.
 » North Phoenix Blog - Articles and photos about North Phoenix, AZ.

Photography Resources

 » Lost America by Troy Paiva - Incredible night photography of the abandoned Southwest.
 » Old Motel Postcards - Brilliant commentary on vintage motel postcards of the US.
 » Polar Inertia - An online journal of nomadic and popular culture.
 » Roadside Architecture - This huge photo library is full of unique architecture photography.
 » Roadside Peek - A photo database of roadside architecture from coast to coast.
 » Roadside Resort - Take an unusual road trip with Weird Arizona author Wesley Treat on his blog!