What’s Bugging Me

I am feeling a little grumpy today. It feels like 2013 is not off to a good start for me so far. There are a bunch of little issues that have been tugging at me, and I need to vent and get some of them out there.

Cavalier Problems
The first big issue is with my car. Just before Christmas, I spent about $600 to have the brakes fixed. The ABS light had been on for almost a year and I was tired of looking at it. It took two $150 sensors and the rest was labor. Fine, I paid it and was happy to have a car that was mechanically in good shape once again.

Well, that lasted almost a week before the alternator started making a terrible whining noise. I brought it to AutoZone and they tested it and told me the diodes inside were bad. That did not surprise me; the last time the alternator was replaced was during my Mississippi Road Trip in 2007.

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2012 Year in Review Video

Here is a video compilation of many of the things I saw and did in 2012. Hope you enjoy it!

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Year in Review 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, I would like to take a moment to look back at some of the events that have taken place during the past year.


  • Put a new radiator in my car
  • Went to the CES Show in Las Vegas for work
  • Went to the Barrett-Jackson Auction and the Military Vehicle Show
  • Finally pulled the trigger, bought a Canon T2i DSLR camera

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My Blog Reading List

I’ve been asked a number of times what blogs I follow. Today I’d like to share my reading list with you. These are the sites I currently read that keep me well-informed and entertained.

AutoBlog: A great source for news about brand-new cars. I enjoy reading the news and checking out their videos.

HackADay: Reading about people’s awesome homebrew and DIY projects is a great source of inspiration and ideas. I love learning about things which are modified or used in ways they were never intended.

SlickDeals: This site is a good source for finding special prices on electronic gadgets and other time-sensitive offers.

MakeMagazine: The Make Blog showcases cool hacks and DIY projects.

GetRichSlowly: This blog covers a wide range of personal finance topics and is loaded with great advice on managing your money wisely.

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In-N-Out Burger: My Story

It’s been 12 years since my first In-N-Out Burger experience, and I can still remember it vividly.

It was the year 2000 and In-N-Out had just opened their first Arizona location at Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Scottsdale Road. My dad took me there on opening day and we waited in line for two hours. I was just 15 years old, and I didn’t understand why everyone was so crazy for these hamburgers.

Following my first visit, I honestly wasn’t that impressed with In-N-Out. Before your blood starts to boil, allow me to explain.

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